Architecture Matters

JumpMind is in the business of providing agile commerce solutions that make a difference to your business’s bottom line. One of the ways we have accomplished that is by building our solutions to embrace an architecture that enables quick and quality delivery. Your business matters to us, which is why Architecture Matters to us.

JumpMind Commerce provides a modern architecture that allows our partners to:

  • Adjust to their consumer’s expectations quickly
  • Adapt to market trends effectively
  • Be competitive and forward-thinking
  • Provide a seamless experience across all channels 

Our solution embraces good architectural principles. It is microservices based, API first, cloud agnostic, mobile forward, and offline friendly. We provide building blocks to configure and extend a point-of-sale solution that fits your business.

We embrace continuous integration and deployment which enables our customers to deliver features to their consumers and associates in a timely manner.

JumpMind Commerce is built on modern technology. We support many deployment topologies and even provide an auto-update microservice with functionality to reliably support continuous integration to all environments. We support deployment to store groups in order to pilot multiple versions of software in the field at the same time. Additionally, we ensure the integrity of the deployed software so that each store has its correct services and configuration.

So, how can JumpMind help your organization embrace these principles? 

JumpMind will help you solve problems that are unique to you. We provide a commerce solution that meets your specific needs and fits your business and IT ecosystem. Retail isn’t one size fits all and our Commerce solution is built with that in mind.

We can help you evolve your architecture by providing the building blocks for a robust store architecture and will work with you to assemble them in a manner that meets your needs.

Find out more about JumpMind Commerce’s platform features here.