What’s New in JumpMind Commerce 3.0?

The release of JumpMind Commerce 3.0 boasts some exciting new changes. From the introduction of customer memberships to dynamic device capabilities to omnichannel optimization, there are numerous updates to look forward to.

Customer Memberships

With the emergence of subscription-based business models across industries, JumpMind Commerce was presented with the question: “How can a retailer offer their own monthly subscriptions to customers within the existing sale process in store?” This prompted us to re-imagine the way we identify a customer by allowing the ability to link a customer to multiple accounts. Whether it is a subscription account, a generic loyalty program, or a credit card sign-up, you now have full control and flexibility to tie numerous account types using the same customer microservice. The ability to sign a customer up for a membership is easily accessible from within the linked customer details screen and can be completed all within a regular sale transaction on any device type including mobile in-store.

Omnichannel Enhancements & Optimization

Expanding on omnichannel commerce, users can now leverage the same user experience and manage orders all within the same application. This includes accepting new orders, picking, packing, and delivering BOPIS, SFS, or curbside orders. The main order dashboard allows the ability to filter by order type or order status, as well as search orders by customer name or order number. Order picking can be fulfilled either by individual order or as a batch pick operation. The batch pick screen grants the associate the ability to organize order items by order, item, or the location of the items so that they can pick orders in a way that is most convenient and efficient for them.

Usage Statistics

Easily keep track and obtain statistics of usage, performance, and sale operations using JumpMind Commerce. What is tracked is completely configurable to provide you with the most relevant information for your business. This can range from tracking the length of time to ring a transaction, the minimum or the maximum number of items in a transaction, the number of loyalty transactions, the number of account sign-ups, and more. What you can track is really only limited by your imagination. Where are these usage statistics stored? In addition to the what, the where in question is also configured based on your needs. Retailers have the option to write these statistics directly to a log, a database, or a combination of both.

Near-Miss Promotions

Retailers can now empower their employees to upsell merchandise with the visibility of near-miss promotions. These near-miss promotions are displayed directly on items that are rung during a sale transaction. In addition to upselling, the visibility can help inform customers of partially-qualified promotions in their basket, such as a BOGO deal that they may have been unaware of. This functionality leverages the existing promotion calculation that is run on each item scan to ensure complete computational efficiency while still enabling the ability to update near-miss data in real-time as items are scanned.

Dynamic Devices with Multi-Mode

Throw away the idea of dedicated devices for individual processes and embrace the ability to dynamically switch your device between modes with the click of a button. The capability to quickly transform a device from a point of sale to a customer-facing display or self checkout gives you the freedom to reuse your devices for multiple in-store experiences. This dynamic solution also provides your business with the flexibility to pivot and adapt to a number of potential unforeseen problems such as hardware malfunction or simply a shortage of employees for a given day. In addition to multi-mode, associates can easily pair multiple devices together with a click of a button for things like linking a customer display or choosing a printer.

Adyen Support

In addition to a number of existing integrations, JumpMind Commerce 3.0 is excited to announce the addition of Adyen, a configurable payment provider, to our growing list of out-of-the-box integrations.