Mark Michalek Promoted to Director of Retail Product at Jumpmind

Mark Michalek, Director of Retail Product at Jumpmind

Mark Michalek, a highly accomplished professional in the retail technology space, has been promoted to the Director of Retail Product. Michalek’s expertise and leadership are set to help Jumpmind propel its success to new heights.

Over the last two years, Mark did volunteering in Uganda while remotely working for Jumpmind in Product Engineering.

“We couldn’t be more excited to see Mark moving into this strategic role of leading our retail product direction. He’s passionate about retail and modern technology that can help retailers create better experiences. The work Mark undertook in Uganda is inspiring and really speaks to the person we know him to be.” – Joe Corbin, President and CEO of Jumpmind

With an extensive background in retail product management, Michalek boasts a legacy of success. During his previous tenure at Jumpmind, he spearheaded the development of innovative retail software solutions, driving substantial growth and establishing Jumpmind as a prominent player in the market. His ability to understand market trends, consumer behavior, and leverage cutting-edge technologies has consistently yielded remarkable results.

Following his successful stint at Jumpmind, Michalek decided to embark on a journey of exploration and professional growth. During his time away, he spent time teaching software development and mentoring students in the country of Uganda.

This experience has undoubtedly broadened his perspectives and deepened his understanding of the global technology landscape.

Mark Michalek’s decision to return to Jumpmind as Director of Retail Product signifies his unwavering belief in the company’s vision, culture, and potential to drive innovation. With his expertise and passion, he aims to revolutionize the retail software industry once again. Michalek’s return brings excitement and anticipation as he renews his commitment to serving Jumpmind’s clients, partners, and employees while fueling the company’s growth and cementing its position as a leader in the market.

“I’m super excited to be back with the Jumpmind family!  I want to thank the leadership at Jumpmind for helping make it possible for me and my family to do humanitarian work in Uganda. I might be biased, but Jumpmind is poised to transform the retail industry. I’m genuinely thrilled to  help shape the future of our retail products.” – Mark Michalek, Director of Retail Product

As Mark Michalek assumes his role as Director of Retail Product, his vision for Jumpmind is set to captivate the industry. Michalek will be along for every phase of the product life cycle, including ideation, strategy, design, implementation, sales, and support of retail applications, including Jumpmind Commerce, Jumpmind Inventory, and Jumpmind Promote. His customer-centric approach, combined with a focus on collaboration and agility, will ensure that Jumpmind remains at the forefront of the retail software industry.

Mark Michalek’s return as Director of Retail Product at Jumpmind is an exciting development that promises innovation, growth, and continued best-in-class solutions. With his exceptional track record, industry expertise, and unwavering passion, Michalek’s leadership will undoubtedly propel Jumpmind to new heights, reaffirming its position as a trailblazer in the retail technology domain.