Our development services are centered around changes and enhancement to our products for a customer’s specialized needs. While implementation services cover installation, configuration, and use of our products, our development services focus on modifying or enhancing our products for a custom solution.

Our products are designed from the ground up to be flexible and configuration-focused, so most of what you need can simply be configured. However, our products are also designed to be extensible should the need arise. Our development services leverage those extension points to provide customer specific product needs without sacrificing ease of upgrade from version to version.

Some examples include:

  • SymmetricDS Database Dialects – New database dialects can be created to cover a new or less commonly used database or datastore platform
  • Metl Components – New components can be implemented and wired into the existing Metl infrastructure to provide custom components
  • Native Dataloaders – Leverage proprietary vendor loading technologies
  • Advanced Transformation – Transform any data at extract or load
  • Personalization – Automatic personalization based on existing applications and infrastructure

All development work can be work for hire or included into the software base for future enhancements and maintenance

If you have additional questions about these or other development options, please contact us!