Jumpmind Inc. and BioConnect Join Forces to Revolutionize Identity and Access Management

Columbus, Ohio – May 16, 2023 – Jumpmind, a leading provider of enterprise data replication solutions, and BioConnect, a leader in biometric authentication and identity verification solutions, are proud to announce their partnership to integrate SymmetricDS, Jumpmind’s data replication software, into BioConnect’s biometric authentication platform, to provide next-generation data management solutions. 

BioConnect provides an enterprise biometric authentication & security platform to establish stronger trust in verifying a person’s identity across physical, IOT, and digital applications. The result is exact identity assurance, advanced cybersecurity, and protection of the most valuable company assets; their people, data, and IP. Founded in Toronto, Canada in 2010, fast forward to today with 2,500 customers predominantly in the USA. 

The partnership will combine Jumpmind’s expertise in data replication with BioConnect’s industry-leading Trust platform, enabling customers to seamlessly integrate biometric authentication into their existing identity and access data management systems. This partnership will deliver enhanced security, convenience, and flexibility to clients across a wide range of industries, including healthcare, finance, and government.

“We are excited to partner with BioConnect and offer our customers a comprehensive identity and access management solution that leverages biometric authentication,” said Joe Corbin, President and CEO of Jumpmind. “Our data replication expertise combined with BioConnect’s biometric authentication technology will deliver an unparalleled level of security and convenience to our customers.”

BioConnect’s Trust platform connects an enterprise’s access control systems, biometric readers, mobile authenticators, and small spaces access control (data center cabinets & remote enclosures) into one unified system. Replication is critical since many of BioConnect’s deployments include 1000s of access points across many different locations and ensuring data is consistent, resilient, and performant regardless of the location.

“SymmetricDS has allowed us to advance the high-availability features of our Trust platform, enabling us to keep critical data synchronized across large-scale systems — with the speed and reliability needed for these systems that are so critical for our customers,” said Courtney Gibson, CTO of BioConnect.  “This allows us to offer both improved speed and improved disaster recovery to clients of all sizes.”

The partnership between Jumpmind and BioConnect marks a significant step forward in the evolution of biometric data management solutions. With this partnership, customers can expect to benefit from enhanced security and convenience, as well as increased flexibility and scalability. For more information on this partnership and the solutions it offers, please visit Jumpmind or BioConnect’s website.