JumpMind Announces SymmetricDS Pro 3.0 Providing Data Replication Across the Enterprise

The new 3.0 release of SymmetricDS Pro software includes performance enhancements, conflict management, and Android mobile support for synchronizing data.

Westerville, Ohio – July 10, 2012 – JumpMind Inc., a leading provider of database integration software, announced SymmetricDS Pro version 3.0 today, a major release of their flagship database replication software. New features include performance enhancements for large volume data integration scenarios, enhanced conflict management and resolution capabilities, new monitoring and management capabilities, and Android support. The ease of use and powerful set of features provided by SymmetricDS Pro 3.0 will enable organizations to accelerate projects and reduce costs while improving accessibility of critical data to their businesses.

“More companies are finding data replication a key component of their data integration strategy,” said Greg Wilmer, President and CEO of JumpMind. “We find customers want a consistent, proven, out of the box, mechanism for integrating data in their heterogeneous environments without having to write and support a large amount of custom integration code. At the same time, demands from the business necessitate a solution with short time to value. The new features in SymmetricDS Pro 3.0 allow us to cover a broader and more complex range of replication scenarios while keeping implementation time and cost low.”

New features of particular note in this release include: 1. Enhanced conflict management: Detect when data changes from disparate sources conflict, and resolve them automatically with pre-configured rules, or hold the data for manually resolution. 2. Multi-threaded synchronization: Concurrent push and pull synchronization from a pool of threads improves performance and provides control of resources. 3. Faster data loads: Pluggable data loader with implementations for fast path load using native database methods. 4. Android support: Support for synchronizing to and from Android devices for mobile applications.

SymmetricDS Pro enables enterprises to design data integration solutions with fast delivery and high quality to consolidate, distribute, bridge, and backup databases. The software can help consolidate thousands of databases to a central node with one or more tiers of synchronization; distribute workload by replicating an operational database to a data warehouse; bridge data between disparate applications and vendors using data transformation; and backup critical database applications with continuous replication to a standby database.

About JumpMind

JumpMind is the world-wide provider of enterprise products and services based on SymmetricDS, the most advanced open source replication and synchronization software for databases in heterogeneous environments. Our mission is to build software that is creative, practical, and easy to use. With SymmetricDS software solutions, our customers enjoy guaranteed replication of data without use of special drivers or modifications to applications, improved accessibility of critical business data, and protection of sensitive data through encryption and filtering. We back our products with an expert staff who provide support, consulting, training, and development services. For more information, visit http://www.jumpmind.com.