JumpMind Releases SymmetricDS Pro 3.13 Data Replication Software

JumpMind releases SymmetricDS Pro 3.13 database replication software, which expands capabilities for PostgreSQL and adds support for more databases including Azure Cosmos, MongoDB Atlas, and Elasticsearch.

Columbus, Ohio – November 18, 2021 – JumpMind, a leading provider of data integration software, announces the availability of SymmetricDS Pro version 3.13 database replication software with cross-platform support for more than 30 database platforms. This release features log-based change data capture for PostgreSQL, bi-directional data replication for Azure Cosmos and MongoDB Atlas NoSQL databases, and streaming changes for Elasticsearch.

PostgreSQL database users can now choose between log-based or trigger-based capture of data. Log-based data replication can be beneficial for reducing overhead by processing the logs asynchronously outside of the database. With either option, the same powerful set of features is available, including vertical and horizontal sub-setting, filtering, conflict management, and data transformation. “Building on our strength of flexibility, we’ve extended our architecture to include log-based data replication, which will benefit our customers who have environments with heavy batch processing workloads,” said Eric Long, Vice President of Solutions.

“The next generation of business insights is coming from a continuous stream of critical data to analytics platforms.”

SymmetricDS expands its support of cloud-based, distributed databases with the addition of Azure Cosmos and MongoDB Atlas. Data is securely replicated across databases, transforming between relational data and hierarchical documents. Consolidate data in real-time from multiple sources and leverage the elastic scaling of cloud databases for high availability and low latency. “As NoSQL databases are adopted into heterogeneous environments, data replication can seamlessly share data within a business and improve access to it, ” said Long.

SymmetricDS expands its support of streaming data platforms with the addition of Elasticsearch, the real-time search, and analytics engine. With continuous change data capture, SymmetricDS can automate a streaming data pipeline to Elasticsearch, providing timely data for search, analytics, and visualization. Elasticsearch makes it faster and easier to analyze data with aggregation and full-text search, and it enhances applications that require fuzzy search and auto-completion. “The next generation of business insights is coming from a continuous stream of critical data to analytics platforms, and we’re helping our customers gain that edge over competitors,” said Long.

About JumpMind

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