software release

  • Introducing SymmetricDS 2.5

    The Professional version of SymmetricDS 2.5 was released and includes some exciting new features. If you're not familiar with SymmetricDS, it's software for database replication that can capture data changes and keep many remote databases in sync. We try to support every database we can (12 platforms supported now), but let us know if you have a need for your database to be included. Now, let's talk about what's new and improved with SymmetricDS Pro 2.5!

  • SymmetricDS 2.2.0 Released

    SymmetricDS 2.2.0 is a minor release that brings 15 bug fixes, 8 improvements, and 5 new features.  Some highlights include:

    • The incoming data loader was changed to use a single connection to eliminate contention with a nested transaction and reduce the connection pool requirements. 
    • The purge job that cleans up the runtime tables is now three separate jobs that can be scheduled independently.
    • A new query plan is being used to route and batch data changes that is more efficient.

    This release also includes a new project organization and reduced library dependencies in preparation for small footprint clients.  We've created a new Mobile Development forum to discuss plans for an upcoming mobile implementation.

    For the full release notes, click through to read more.

  • SymmetricDS 2.4.0 Released

    The open source SymmetricDS 2.4.0 database replication engine is released for general use by the community. While this is a minor revision, it delivers some cool new features!

  • SymmetricDS Pro 3.2.0 Released

    The professional version of SymmetricDS 3.2 was released, and it includes a lot of great features and improvements. Let's go through some of the most important ones first, and then I'll show you some of my favorite hidden gems.

  • SymmetricDS Pro 3.6 Released!

    JumpMind is excited to announce the release of 3.6. It has been almost a year since our last feature release and we are excited to be moving forward again. 3.5 had many patch releases over the last year that included important bug fixes and general improvements. With 3.6 we have focused on enhancing the SymmetricDS Pro experience and have continued to add features to the core open source SymmetricDS engine. The following outlines some of the more prominent features in 3.6.