JumpMind Announces SymmetricDS Pro 3.5 Database and File Synchronization

Synchronize both databases and files with the new release of SymmetricDS Pro 3.5, which also adds Sybase ASE and ASA to the long list of supported databases.

Westerville, Ohio – July 24, 2013 – JumpMind, a leading provider of data integration software, today announced the immediate availability of SymmetricDS Pro version 3.5, the company’s premier database and file system synchronization software. The 3.5 release adds support for Sybase ASE and ASA databases to the list of more than a dozen databases already supported in a heterogeneous enterprise. In addition to syncing with databases, SymmetricDS Pro can now sync files and folders with remote nodes, providing a single mechanism for data replication.

“Listening to our existing and prospective customers continues to be a key factor in our product strategy and roadmap. The Sybase dialects have been a popular request that fit extremely well with our strategy of supporting the heterogeneous database landscapes of enterprise environments,” said Greg Wilmer, President and CEO of JumpMind. “In terms of synchronization and replication tools, the database platforms you run simply shouldn’t matter.”

“File synchronization is another mechanism by which SymmetricDS makes moving data in the enterprise seamless, consistent, consolidated, and visible. Many of our customer’s application synchronization needs span both databases and file systems. Before now they were resigned to using multiple tool sets. This release provides a comprehensive solution for both types of data with a single point of configuration and a consistent way to monitor and troubleshoot the synchronization scenario, regardless of whether the data is stored in a database or in a file on a file system.”

File synchronization includes the following features:

1. Copy files and folders in both directions between multiple nodes. SymmetricDS Pro scales to syncing data with thousands of nodes, so changing a file on a central server can be distributed across the entire network.

2. Continuous or periodic synchronization. Choose the schedule that works for your environment, either syncing immediately or batching file synchronization during a quiet period.

3. Filter which files to include or exclude. Configure a base directory and specify whether to include subdirectories, then configure filtering for which files and folders should be synced.

4. Automatic recovery from network outage. Withstand periods of downtime and allow the synchronization to continue when the network is available.

5. Customize the synchronization with your own scripts. Extend and change behavior of the file sync by configuring scripts to run during specific synchronization events.

Compared to other synchronization solutions, SymmetricDS Pro has several advantages, including database independence, easy configuration, scalability, and automatic recovery. With more than a dozen databases supported, SymmetricDS Pro interoperates between multiple databases and operating systems, from big data center databases like Oracle to small embedded ones like SQLite. Configuration is both easy and flexible with a web-based GUI, options for advanced configuration, and a plug-in architecture for customization. Large networks of thousands of nodes are possible because SymmetricDS Pro is optimized to scale effortlessly, with settings to fine tune management of memory, connections, and clustering. Sync data across networks with low bandwidth and periods of outage because data is batched, compressed, and tracked until delivered.

About JumpMind

JumpMind is the world-wide provider of enterprise products and services based on SymmetricDS, the most advanced open source synchronization software for databases and file systems in heterogeneous environments. Our mission is to build software that is creative, practical, and easy to use. With SymmetricDS Pro software solutions, our customers enjoy guaranteed replication of data without use of special drivers or modifications to applications, improved accessibility of critical business data, and protection of sensitive data through encryption and filtering. We back our products with an expert staff who provide support, consulting, training, and development services. For more information, visit http://www.jumpmind.com.