What’s New in SymmetricDS 2.2

What’s New in SymmetricDS Pro 2.2

The new release of SymmetricDS 2.2 will help you:

  • Monitor and gather statistics around replication
  • Build a light client distribution
  • Control last update wins in a conflict

Replication Statistics

Statistics on the amount of data and load performance are gathered by node and direction of sync. The web console graphs the information and allows the user to interact with the time period and performance variables.

Client Distribution

This release separates library JAR file dependencies and reduces the number of libraries for a leaner distribution. The workspace consists of projects for symmetric-core and symmetric-server, with a separation between client and server functionality. It is now possible to build a much smaller client-only distribution for smaller systems.

Last Update Wins in a Conflict

When two systems update the same row at the same time, it creates a conflict for synchronization. A “ping back” feature allows for basic conflict management with a strategy of “last update wins”.