What’s New in SymmetricDS 2.1

What’s New in SymmetricDS Pro 2.1

The new release of SymmetricDS 2.1 will help you:

  • Perform heterogeneous database replication in the enterprise
  • Realize performance improvements
  • Control job scheduling

More Databases Supported

With the addition of support for IBM Informix and HSQLDB databases, SymmetricDS can now synchronize and replicate data between 10 database platforms. All of the features and performance are available across all these databases in the enterprise. Flexible configuration allows one-way and two-way replication with multiple nodes using a push or pull delivery. Data can be filtered horizontally or vertically and routed to specific nodes. An automatic recovery model means that the network can be offline while the system continues to capture data, and once connectivity returns, the data changes are synchronized.

Performance Improvements

With library upgrades, code profiling changes, and SQL optimizations, SymmetricDS gains performance improvements. The standalone web container was upgraded to Jetty 7 and the dependency injection was upgraded to Spring 3.0.4. Code was optimized for the initial load, batch statuses, and data routing. Other improvements came from optimizing the SQL used for the purge process and data routing.

Better Control of Jobs

The jobs represent the scheduling of subsystems such as push synchronization, pull synchronization, data routing, heartbeat, and purging. The jobs can be scheduled with a periodic number of milliseconds or using a cron expression that lets the user specify seconds, minutes, hour, day, month, and day of week.