Promotions Across All Customer Touchpoints

In a saturated market, promotions are essential for retailers to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Promotions provide retailers with the opportunity to entice new customers to their brand, boost loyalty and retention of existing customers, and market their brand more widely. 

The benefits of promotions seem like a no-brainer, and yet the act of implementing a promotions engine can be a big pain point for many retailers. Why is this? Historically, retailers have struggled with multiple promotion solutions across all customer touchpoints. With the ever-growing emergence of e-commerce, it is more important than ever that customers have a consistent experience while shopping. At JumpMind, architecture is key. JumpMind Commerce is built with flexibility in mind and our promotion engine is a prime example of this. Our microservice approach is discreet, cloud-agnostic, and independently deployable so that your e-commerce site can use the same promotion engine as your brick-and-mortar POS.

In addition to a consistent experience across all channels, JumpMind Commerce’s promotion engine offers a comprehensive and flexible data structure so that promotions can be set up to meet any promotion combination out of the box. At a high level, a promotion for JumpMind Commerce is defined as any number of qualifications that, once met, lead to one or more rewards in the basket. To determine how multiple promotions apply together, JumpMind Commerce uses configurable promotion types to determine priority ordering as well as configurable stacking rules to determine which promotions can reward the same items. Once promotion type priority is respected, our engine uses smart filtering and parallel processing to ensure that customers receive the best deal in their basket.


Why does this matter? A comprehensive promotions solution is so important in today’s changing retail environment. In a 2021 report, Legacy Commerce Technology Faces Death By A Thousand Cuts, Forrester analysts Emily Pfeiffer and Joe Cicman wrote, “As commerce tech stacks become more fragmented, united promotions management solutions become more critical. Consumers’ expectations for a consistent experience across all channels (e.g., stores, websites, call centers) mean that retailers must implement omnichannel promotions management.”

JumpMind Commerce provides a solution that not only unifies your channels but truly works for all possible promotion scenarios.