JumpMind Announces SymmetricDS Pro 3.7 Data Synchronization Software

Synchronize data from databases and file systems with the new release of SymmetricDS Pro 3.7, which focuses on improved usability and faster configuration.

Westerville, Ohio – January 8, 2015 – JumpMind, a leading provider of data integration software, announced today the immediate availability of SymmetricDS Pro version 3.7, the company’s premier database and file system synchronization software. The 3.7 release further embraces flexibility and ease of use, with an enhanced user interface, improved documentation and configurable extensions.

“The SymmetricDS 3.7 release is all about usability,” said Greg Wilmer, President and CEO of JumpMind. “As SymmetricDS has matured into an extremely powerful and flexible product, capable of fulfilling a wide variety of data synchronization scenarios across many vertical markets, JumpMind has remained focused on keeping it easy to use. Plain and simple, we win deals when we demo or POC the product for organizations and they see how simple yet powerful SymmetricDS is compared to alternatives in the marketplace. This release takes it a step further with additional wizards that simplify the setup of your synchronization scenario to enhanced documentation and training.”

“The SymmetricDS 3.7 release is all about usability,” said Greg Wilmer, President and CEO of JumpMind.

Version 3.7 includes the following features:

  • An updated user interface with simpler configuration flows and linked documentation.
  • Wizards that provide a step-by-step guide to assist and support initial configuration.
  • Additional documentation for both open source and professional versions.
  • Configurable extensions that make it possible to extend SymmetricDS functionality directly. In the past, extensions required deploying a Java library with the extension. Now, extending SymmetricDS is possible through pure configuration in the web console!

Compared to other data synchronization solutions, SymmetricDS has many advantages.

  • Database Independent: Compatibility is a key aspect of SymmetricDS, which supports 13 major database platforms, making it the perfect choice for the heterogeneous enterprise.
  • Ease of Use: Configuration is both easy and flexible with several options for advanced configuration and a plug-in architecture for customization.
  • Scaling and Performance: Proven to run in scenarios with thousands of nodes because SymmetricDS is optimized to handle simultaneous requests and load data quickly. With settings for management of memory, connections, and clustering, a deployment can be tuned for both large and small environments.
  • Automatic Recovery: Sync data across networks with low bandwidth usage and withstand periods of network outage. SymmetricDS guarantees replication by tracking data and automatically retrying errors.

About JumpMind

JumpMind is the world-wide provider of enterprise products and services based on SymmetricDS, the most advanced open source synchronization software for databases and file systems in heterogeneous environments. Our mission is to build software that is creative, practical, and easy to use. With SymmetricDS Pro software solutions, our customers enjoy guaranteed replication of data without use of special drivers or modifications to applications, improved accessibility of critical business data, and protection of sensitive data through encryption and filtering. We back our products with an expert staff who provide support, consulting, training, and development services. For more information, visit http://www.jumpmind.com.